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Drug and Alcohol Education

Recovery Resource Council offers a variety of classes for individuals who have been arrested for alcohol and drug charges as well as general awareness of substance abuse. Classes enable an individual to get his/her license back after being suspended by the Department of Public Safety, but are also also open to anyone who would like to be educated on alcohol and drugs and their consequences.


To register and sign up for classes, call 817-332-6329 or visit us at 2700 Aiport Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76111

Payments for classes are non-refundable. If a class is full, the payment may be transferrable to another class.

Texas DWI Education Program
Individuals gain knowledge about the effects of alcohol and drugs on driving skill, identify their own drinking/drugged driving pattern and develop a plan to reduce the chance that they will be involved in future DWI behavior.

Format: 12 hour State mandated curriculum
3 sessions at 4 hours each
This class is offered in English and Spanish.



The Texas Drug Offender Education
This program is approved by the Department of Health and Human Services and mandated through the Texas Department of Public Safety for those who are convicted of a felony or misdemeanor drug offense, those who are convicted of an offense against properties who are referred by a judge, those who are referred by a Community Supervision and Correction Department (CSCD) officer or anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge regarding substance abuse.


Format: 15 hour State mandated curriculum
Length: 5 sessions at 3 hours each


Repeat Offender Education Program 
This standardized program is 32 hours in length and completed over a period of 7 weeks. The course is designed for multiple DWI offenders and/or others who have alcohol and drug related problems for which the first offender program was not designed to address. The purpose of this program is to intervene in the alcohol/drug abusing lifestyles of the participants in order to encourage entry into treatment (when indicated) as well as to prevent future substance abuse related problems.

Format: 32 hour State mandated curriculum
Length: 15 sessions over 7 weeks
This class is offered in English and Spanish

Youthful Drinking & Driving Prevention Program
YDDP is designed to give teens and young adults information which will increase self awareness and bring recognition of how each decision they make affects their future. The goal is for each participant to make informed, educated decisions which will deter further problems with alcohol and/or drugs and the legal system.

Format: 6 hour course
Length:1 day





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